Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)

TRIEC Diversity-and-Inclusion-SponsorTRIEC champions the talent and experience that immigrant professionals bring to the GTA. We support organizations to become more inclusive and help newcomers expand their professional networks and understand the local labour market. Our work is collaborative, bringing leaders from business, government and communities together.

TRIEC’s programs include:

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership benefits employers, employees and immigrant professionals through learning, development and networking opportunities. Employers embed TRIEC Mentoring Partnership into their organization to enhance their coaching and leadership training for managers and high- potential staff, preparing them to fully engage a diverse workforce.

Inclusive Workplace Competencies help define the knowledge, skills, and behaviours that build an inclusive workplace. They integrate into your organization’s existing competencies and support your diversity and inclusion strategy.

TRIEC Learning Initiatives provide a range of learning resources to support organizations in their diversity and inclusion journey, and immigrant professionals on their road to successful employment. Offerings include online e-learning, workshops and webinars, and the HRPA accredited Leading the Conversation: Diversity and Inclusion Training for Leaders.

To work with TRIEC, visit our website, and email Nichola Johnson-Young, Senior Manager Employer Relations. Learn more by emailing us today.

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