Diversity-and-Inclusion-Speaker Raeleen-Manjak

Dr. Raeleen Manjak, DM/OL

Director of Human Resources, City of Vernon

Raeleen has a Doctor of Management Degree specializing in Organizational Leadership (DM/OL) and a Masters of Continuing Education (MCE) specializing in Workplace Learning. Recently, Human Resource Magazine Canada awarded her one of the top 30 HR Professionals in Canada. Recently, Raeleen co-presented to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) on the City of Vernon story regarding Diversity and Inclusion, where she works as the Director, Human Resources.

Raeleen has experience working with unionized and exempt environments including those with 600+ employees. She has over 25 years of administrative experience coupled with strong values of accountability, responsibility, and fairness when working with professionals.

Raeleen focuses on a people-centered philosophy and facilitates workplace dynamics that foster dialogue and engagement. She exemplifies strong and consistent communication that encourages teamwork, development, and growth. Her philosophy is “Together, we are better!”