Diversity-and-Inclusion-Speaker Jahanzaib-Ansari

Jahanzaib Ansari

Co-founder & CEO, Knockri

Jahanzaib Ansari is the co-founder and CEO of Knockri. An IBM backed A.I. video recruiting tool that quantifies a candidates soft skills and creates a short-list based on Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Knockri has a core focus on diminishing unconscious hiring bias and increasing diversity in the workforce. The venture emerged from pain points Jahanzaib faced in his personal life when applying to jobs, and from hiring challenges in his previous business. Sartoria Darzi. A men’s fashion tailoring business which ranks among the top 10 custom & made to measure suit stores in Toronto (2015)

Knockri has been featured in major news outlets such as the CBC and Huffington Post, and has helped organizations cut their screening and short-listing time from hours to minutes. Knockri's A.I. doesn’t account a person’s gender, sexuality, ethnicity or race when quantifying soft skills. Everyone is assessed solely based on merit and it has assisted increasing gender and ethnic representation in the workforce significantly for an employer.