Diversity-and-Inclusion-Speaker Avery-Francis

Avery Francis

Head of Talent, League Inc.

Always looking to what’s next, Avery works with leading start-ups to navigate the world of talent, drive diversity initiatives and build a creative culture worth being a part of. It’s through this relentless focus on talent experience that she creates meaningful, lasting connections that drive growth. Avery is passionate about building inclusive work environments through promoting diversity. Diversity and celebrating people’s differences are really the core of her values. For Avery, it’s all about focus on talent, talent management, employee experience, and allowing talent to be their authentic selves at work. It is her innate curiosity about people, work, and what gets them out of bed in the morning that keeps her inspired. Formerly the Director of Talent at Rangle.io where she joined as employee 55 and grew the team to 150 in 15 months. Avery recently joined the team at League as their Head of Talent, where she will be driving their Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging efforts as well was having their team burning brighter as they scale over the years to come.

Avery believes it's imperative for leading talent professionals at all levels to embrace the challenging landscape in HR today. To lean into the difficult and complicated conversations and strive to do better. It's her belief that the work force has changed and we have a lot of work to do to catch up.