Diversity-and-Inclusion-Speaker Vincent-Meehan

Vincent Meehan

Director, IS&T Support Services, Sodexo

Vincent Meehan, Director of IT support service for North America, is a numbers guy who cares. Vincent balances his love of mathematics with his passion for supporting people with disabilities.

He recently completed his MBA and his final thesis, entitled Driving business success: Leveraging the talents of people with disabilities. “From a business perspective, job turnover rates among employees with disabilities are extremely low,” says Vincent. “We also know that it costs Sodexo Canada about $20,000 to find a new manager and $5,000 to replace a front-line employee. When we do the math, that’s $26 million in turnover costs every year. If we can reduce turnover by just 2.5% by hiring people with disabilities, that will have over $600,000 in operational impact.”

Vincent is Chair of Sodexo Canada’s ADEPT (All Disabled Employees Posses Talent) employee business resource group. The ADEPT team conducts research to make the case that hiring people with disabilities is a means to build highly engaged and productive teams.