Diversity and inclusion have never been more important in the world of business.

Canada is changing – and workplace demographics are changing with it. So how should HR professionals be thinking about diversity and inclusion in 2018?

Join respected HR leaders to discover what diversity looks like in 2018 and learn best practices for fostering an inclusive workplace culture, challenging preconceptions, building bold new best practices, and preparing for a diverse and successful future.

What are the diversity-based experiences of top companies? What they are doing to find success? What does it take to be on the forefront of diversity and inclusion? What are the benchmarks you need to measure your company by?

We’ve got the answers.

This is the one-stop destination for:

  •  Women in leadership

  •  Unconscious bias in decision-making

  • Navigating workplace gender and sexuality

  • Ethnic and cultural inclusion

  • Leading a multigenerational workplace

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